Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the study?

Existing or new patients at a dermatology practice or clinic who providers deem candidates for phototherapy are eligible to participate. As part of routine clinical care, providers will determine candidacy, discuss phototherapy as a treatment option with the patient, and prescribe phototherapy.  Once a patient has been determined to be a candidate for phototherapy, the provider may describe the LITE Study to the patient and determine if they are interested in participating.  Insurance approval of office-based phototherapy and acceptance of cost sharing by patient will need to be verified before enrollment into study.

Do patients get to choose whether to receive phototherapy in office or at home?

No.  The LITE Study is a randomized active comparator study.  Patients will be randomized to either office-based or home-based photoherapym this is the only non-standard of care aspect of the study.

Are there any treatment costs covered by the study?

Patients/study participants must be able to cover the costs of office-based phototherapy treatment through health care insurance or out of pocket, per their typical standard of care. Patients randomized to home-based phototherapy will have access to phototherapy machine for a 12-week treatment period at no cost.  Phototherapy machines are expected to be returned at the end of the 12-week period.

All study participants will be provided up to $140 for completing surveys ($20 per survey, 7 surveys) via phone/mobile app during the study.

What costs will the study cover for sites/practices offering the LITE Study to their patients?

The study will cover the cost of study-related procedures and provide funding to cover study –related start up and close out costs at study sites.  Standard of care visits and procedures, will be covered by patient (health care insurance or out of pocket), per customary arrangements with the patient.

Can patients currently on phototherapy enroll in the LITE Study?

Patients who are currently on phototherapy may be eligible for the study during their next course of phototherapy after a short period without therapy.

How will patients who are randomized to home-based phototherapy receive their machines?

The study has partnered with Daavlin to provide and ship home-based phototherapy machines at no cost. At the completion of treatment period, units will be shipped back to Daavlin.